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FLASHPOINT’s January 7, 2021 Episode Breaks It Wide Open!

by noah

Thank you so much to a reader (initials JC) for sending this to me.

I had seen this before but over a year and a half ago, and I had forgotten about it.

So thank you so much to JC for reminding me about it, and now I bring it to you, because now seems like a FANTASTIC time to revisit this.

This is the January 7, 2021 episode of Flashpoint (one day after the J6 hoax).

This is Flashpoint with host Gene Bailey.

I’m sure many of you have seen the show before.

I used to cover it a lot more in the past but I stopped after having some concerns about Hank Kunneman (which I have shared many times publicly and I won’t go back into in this article).

And while I still have serious concerns (and disappointments) with Hank Kunneman, this is too powerful and too timely not to share it with you right now…

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