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Flee Speech: Woke Comedy Club Bans Comedians for Not Bending Their Knees



Four comedians walk into a comedy club and get booted for not being pink-haired Marxists. That sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

Four well-known comics recently had their gigs canceled in Seattle because woke, or something. The club never really gave a reason.

“I guess I need to clean up my act,” Florentine joked on Twitter. “My comedy shows in Seattle are canceled along with @luisjgomez @ComicDaveSmith and @kurtmetzger.”

Jim Florentine, best known as a co-host of “That Metal Show” with Don Jamieson and Crank Yankers, an adult puppet show that used prank calls to skewer unsuspecting robocall dolts, was informed that his act doesn’t reflect “community values” in Seattle, a town that allowed anarchists to take over a neighborhood called Capitol Hill, where the squishy, free speech-hating commie club is located.

After careful consideration and discussions with our team, investors, local comedians, and neighborhood advocacy groups, we’ve encountered a challenging situation that requires us to revisit the planned shows. Capitol Hill is known for its progressive values, and we’ve received significant feedback expressing concerns about the alignment of these upcoming shows with the neighborhood’s ethos. This feedback includes concerns from local advocacy groups that are deeply embedded in our community and work towards upholding its values.

“Our team, investors, local comedians, and neighborhood advocacy groups,” likely refers to the club’s wait staff, local open-miker comics no one has heard of, and the soy-sucking sally bois of Antifa who burned some of the nation’s finest fascist towns during the violent “summer of love.”

Kurt Metzger, Louis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith also had their dates pulled from Capitol Hill Comedy Club/Bar because they somehow don’t vibe with the “neighborhood ethos.”

ETHOS-O-RAMA! Young black men were shot in CHAZ or CHOP after it was taken over by communists. Women were raped. Fires were set. The “leader” of the hippy dippy take-over was a rapper would would later face charges for trafficking four women, but jokes are somehow dangerous in this neighborhood.

As a 35-year veteran of performing stand-up comedy, I can assure you most of the comedians and many of the nation’s club owners lean left, especially on the coasts. Austin, Texas, and Ann Arbor, Mich., are also bastions of woke, progressive “comedians” who get applause breaks for saying clever thoughts such as, “So I’m trans…


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