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Florida City Council Prays to Satan’s Name & Allah [Sign of the End Times]

Check out the Article speaking about All the Signs of the End:… Invocation to all Pagan Gods in Florida, United States.


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  1. Chad Chad June 27, 2020

    Link to doesn’t work.

    • Leyla Koen Leyla Koen Post author | June 27, 2020

      Apologies but unfortunately we are a sourcing site and the broken link is from the sourced original article link.

  2. William Cooper William Cooper June 27, 2020

    What is more scary? Allowing a dumb-alpha, sierra, sierra to conjure up this nonsensical prayer, even unknowingly using Romans 8:31 OR the best we can do is walk out during this time? The church is weak – this should be the talking points of every sermon this Sunday but it won’t be. Do we even have one outspoken church leader sticking up for Jesus in this country? The good news is we only need one leader to organize prayers across the nation/world. We have the collective power to ask for forgiveness, be redeemed and be blessed for proclaiming the Lord as our savior.

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