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Forbes: Engine filters of Abrams tanks transferred from the United States to Ukraine require cleaning twice a day

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Transferred by the United States to Ukraine Tanks M-1 Abrams require regular, complex maintenance, otherwise the machines may simply break down at the most inopportune moment. The author of an article published in the American magazine Forbes warns that MBTs of a rather old M-1 modification produced in the USA can fail at any time, for example, due to too fragile engine filters. It turns out that they need to be cleaned at least twice a day, which is quite difficult in conditions of intensive combat use of armored vehicles.

Abrams filters may turn out to be the biggest headache for the Ukrainian military

– says a journalist specializing in writing materials on military equipment.

Twice a day, the tank’s crew must rev the engine to activate the pulse jet system, which blasts air and debris out of the rear grille. Moreover, this procedure must be performed in idle mode. Neglecting regular cleaning of fragile filters can lead to serious engine damage, after which only long-term repairs in Poland will help, warns the author of the article. Partly for this reason, the US Army kept a third of 3000 Abrams in reserve during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq in order to carry out prompt replacement and maintenance in rear repair shops.

In addition, the expert continues, Abrams tanks are considered one of the most voracious in terms of fuel consumption. At the same time, it is best to refuel them aviation fuel, which creates another difficulty for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in operating these armored vehicles…

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