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Former CDC Director Robert Redfield Adamantly Warns For 4th Time ‘We Will Have A Bird Flu Pandemic,’ With ’25-50% Mortality’

by Jacob M. Thompson


“I really do think it’s very likely that we will, at some time, it’s not a question of if, it’s more of a question of when we will have a bird flu pandemic,” he said.

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director under the Trump administration, Robert Redfield, gave yet another very public stern warning that bird flu will inevitably become a full-blown pandemic, and will claim a monumental number of lives in the process.

In an interview NewsNation last week, Redfield explained that bird flu will start spreading more rapidly in people and will lead to mass deaths.

Host Brian Entin set the table by explaining that the death rate for Covid-19 was only 0.6%, whereas bird flu sits at 50%. He cited fears that this currently purported spread of bird flu in animals and livestock will only intensify and then spread from human-to-human.

When asked about the possibility of such an outbreak, Redfield said:

I really do think it’s very likely that we will, at some time, it’s not a question of if, it’s more of a question of when we will have a bird flu pandemic.

When it does enter humans it has a significant mortality, probably somewhere between 25 to 50% mortality, so it’s going to be quite complicated.

Redfield noted that bird flu has reportedly been seen in 27 different mammals so far with this current outbreak over the last several years. He explained that this is “significant” and explained that scientists know what has to happen in order for bird flu to make the leap to people.

Per previous gain-of-function research, which Redfield says he is not a fan of, said that five amino acids must change in the key receptor for bird flu to gain the ability to bind to a human receptor “and then be able to go human-to-human” akin to Covid-19, Redfield explained.

The host interrupted and asked if it will spread like Covid did. Redfield replied:

It’s likely to spread through aerosols and droplets is how it’s going to eventually spread.

Once the virus gains the ability to attach to the human receptor and then go human to human, that’s when you’re going to have the pandemic. And as I said, I think it’s just a matter of time.

The former CDC Director said, going on to say that as this current bird flu strain keeps spreading and mutating through various animals it gains new receptors that will make it more prone to jump to humans.

Redfield also remarked that he is less concerned about this eventual pandemic coming from spillover but rather by gain-of-function research per a lab-leak…


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