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Former Commander in 101st Airborne: Refusing Jab Was a ‘No Brainer’

By Survive the News


The Gateway Pundit has reported on the impact of COVID vaccine requirements on our military and the readiness of our fighting forces including several interviews with members of the military.  The interviews reveal the unjust treatment that military members have been subjected to under the unlawful mandate.

The mandate has forced thousands out of military service and discouraged new recruits from joining.  Military recruiting and retention is suffering.

Lt. John Bowes submitted a request for a religious accommodation last year to the US military to excuse him from taking the experimental COVID vaccine, a request that was later denied. Lt. Bowes has been grounded since the denial last September.

Fighter pilot Capt. Tom Stewart, USMC, described his personal story of challenging the US Military vaccine mandates. This included the unlawful process they used to ground US pilots back in September, wasting nine months of manpower and resources.

In May of 2022, over 500 members of the military filed a lawsuit against the government arguing that the vaccine mandate is illegal because there is no approved vaccine available in the US.



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