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Former mayor Cory Booker shares in blame for Newark, NJ’s water crisis, critics say: ‘He left a mess’

As thousands of residents of New Jersey‘s largest city received bottled water this week amid a contamination crisis, its former mayor — Democratic presidential contender Cory Booker — faced renewed backlash from critics who claim he mismanaged the city’s water commission during his time at City Hall.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency urged local officials last Saturday to administer free water bottles to Newark residents after nationally certified filters in two of three homes tested showed the filters were not removing lead from drinking water as planned.

Officials handed out 38,000 filters last year to Newark residents who were potentially at risk of having contaminated drinking water due to outdated lead piping in the city’s water system.


  1. BOSCO BOSCO August 15, 2019

    Looks like Ol Spartacus is like the rest of the Dem contenders full of well you know crap just like Newarks water.

  2. Skye Shepard Skye Shepard August 15, 2019

    French Lick, Indiana, has a hot springs that the Elite use to go visit to spoil themselves in the mineral waters. Problem is, those darn hot springs really smell like crap…like rotten eggs, actually. And that is what this Luciferian fake, Cory Booker, is: A stinking rotten egg.

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