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Fox: Multiple Scandals Erupt after Secret WH Wedding of Hunter Biden’s Daughter to “Intern” /sn

by Bethesda 1971

In an event triggering massive scandal implications for the Biden Administration, on Saturday morning President Biden’s granddaughter and Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi married former White House Intern Peter Neal in a secret wedding at the White HouseThough the administration has attempted to quash everything about the event, leaks (including by the President himself)  have confirmed multiple scandals.  At a press conference, Representatives Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar and Jim Jordan pledged to hold 24/7 House hearings to “do what it takes” to unearth the likely civil and criminal implications of the suspect nuptials. Speaker aspirant Kevin McCarthy said, “Yeah. Whatever they say.”

Tweeted Greene: This is just the top of the ice cream.

Here are just a few of the seismic outgrowths of the ceremony:

  • In a stunning break with tradition, President Trump and his family were not invited. Never before has a prior President’s family been blackballed from a President’s granddaughter’s wedding.*
  • The now-married couple has already been living together** in a bedroom on the third floor of the White House…

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