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France: Firefighters attacked in no-go zone with Molotov cocktails

The war escalates. Top priority? Do not criticize Islam.

Firefighters in the French department of Vaucluse will now be escorted by police when responding to fires in “sensitive areas” following an attack over the weekend. The firefighters were lured to an area at around 11:45 pm after suspects lit garbage on fire. Once the firefighters were on the scene, the suspects attacked them. This is not new. Muslim youths lure firefighters to these “sensitive areas” in order to ambush them.

While responding to an incident in the commune of Cavaillon, firefighters in the department of Vaucluse were lured to an area at around 11:45 pm after a group of suspects set fire to a garbage can. According to BMFT, once the firefighters had arrived at the scene, a group attacked them with petanque balls and Molotov cocktails. 

Although none of the emergency service responders were injured during the attack, Commander David Durupt, the head of the Cavaillon Fire Department, said that the attack was deliberate. 

“There was a clear intention to harm,” Durupt said.

“The trash was probably burned intentionally, the objective was clearly to attack the firefighters,” he added.


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  1. Otis Laslo Otis Laslo November 6, 2019

    Did you hear about the capital of Chile? There are some pretty crazy protests happening there right now! You can find some pictures online of the police there getting hit by protesters throwing molotov cocktails. I won’t be traveling there any time soon.

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