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France Introduces Law That Jails And Fines Residents For Speaking Bad About MRNA Vaccines, Called ‘Provocation To Abstain From Medical Care’

By Jacob M. Thompson

The law establishes that French citizens essentially must obey whatever the government dictates to them concerning medical treatment.

Earlier this month France introduced and passed a controversial law that will prevent residents from daring to negatively critique and speak out against the Covid-19 vaccines, or else they face the real threat of being slapped with some serious fines and several years in prison.

On February 14, 2024, France’s National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale) adopted a draft law “to strengthen the fight against “sectarian drift” (dérive sectaire in the French), with a tight vote of 116-108. The establishes the creation of a type of crime called “provocation to abstain from medical care.” As the title would imply, it is a now a crime to resist the government’s recommended and mandated medical treatments.

Now that bill, which was introduced by President Emmanuel Macron’s party, is to be presented to the Senate by the Minister of the Interior.

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