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‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Re-Joins X (Formerly Twitter) To Pro-Censorship Advertisers’ Alliance

By Tim Brown 


Despite Elon Musk branding himself as a “free speech absolutist”, since purchasing the social media platform it has not shied away from censoring whom it pleases. Now they’re realigning with pro-censorship groups.

We have warned many times that people should not trust Elon Musk.  While he has uttered words about free speech and ideas that one can agree with, it seems that they are only words (James 2).  Now, X, formerly known as Twitter, has rejoined pro-censorship advertisers’ Alliance to pretty much censor whatever Musk wants to censor.

Reclaim The Net reports:

Given how X has gone out of its way to reveal the depth and breadth of online censorship via the Twitter Files, this makes for an awkward reunion: the company has decided to rejoin the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

It’s a pro-censorship, World Economic Forum-affiliated advertisers’ group, that achieves its objectives through the “brand safety” route (i.e., the censorship “brand” here would be demonetization). And last summer, it was scrutinized by the US Congress.

GARM is one of those outfits whose roots are very entangled (comes in handy when somebody tries to probe your activities, though) – and the chronology is not insignificant either: formed in 2019 as a World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) initiative, partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Then came another “partnership” – that with WEF (World Economic Forum), specifically, its Shaping the Future of Media, Entertainment, and Sport project – a “flagship” one.

In May 2023, the US House Judiciary Committee wanted to know what exactly was happening here, and whether “brand safety” as a concept, as exercised by these entities, could be linked to censorship of online speech…


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