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FROM A READER: Chemtrails EXPOSED In California!



I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

We have the BEST people here in the WeLoveTrump community!





And people who use the brain God gave them to think for themselves.

I started covering chemtrails here about 5 years ago, and when I started most people had no idea what they were.

Most people had severe Cognitive Dissonance on the topic, which is understandable.

But the more we’ve presented the evidence (more of that below), the more people have slowly woken up.

And LOOKED up!

Looked up to the sky above them and sometimes begrudgingly had to admit this is not normal.

This is not what the skies looked like 30 years ago.

This is bad, very bad,

People like this reader who just emailed me today.

Name and email address blocked out for privacy, but I wanted to share her wonderful message:



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  1. jim weisz jim weisz November 13, 2022

    I live in oregon and have seen cemtrails over the aroura airport in the summer. checkerboard an circles this is not common for air traffic

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