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From SDS To Soros To MSNBC: Maya Wiley, Her Soros-Connected Lawyer Husband, Her Radical Parents, And The Communist Campaign To Destroy Kyle Rittenhouse

By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

“…the Department of Homeland Security has said white supremacy is a significant danger to this country, and not ANTIFA … And I do feel like we are in more danger today than we were yesterday” — radical MSNBC Legal Analyst Maya Wiley, daughter of Cloward and Piven activist George Wiley, reacting to Kyle Rittenhouse trial jury verdict of not guilty on all counts

MSNBC Legal Analyst Maya Wiley, who provided the far-left news network with on-air analysis of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and advocated for the conviction and imprisonment of Rittenhouse, worked for George Soros’s Open Society Foundation and chaired the Soros-funded Tides Network Board.

Maya Wiley is married to Harlan Mandel. Like his wife Maya, the MSNBC legal analyst, Harlan Mandel also held a senior-level position working for George Soros. Harlan Mandel is the former Deputy General Counsel of the Open Society Institute / Soros Foundations Network….


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