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Furious Putin ‘demands action’ as three Russians wounded in attack by North Korean ship

VLADIMIR PUTIN has called for “comprehensive measures” from North Korea to stop future incursions after Russian border police were embroiled in hostility with a vessel from Pyongyang.

Putin‘s boats were patrolling the Sea of Japan when fishing boats entered Russian territorial waters. The rogue North Koreans were aboard racketeering boats and are thought to be have been fishing illegally. The crew of one North Korean ship attacked Russian boats injuring three guards in the process.It is unclear what weapons were used in the attack.

Both ships, with a total crew of 56, have been apprehended and are being towed to Russia.

The Russian Foreign ministry have expressed concern to North Korea diplomat in Moscow Jin Jong-hyeop.

The ministry stated: “Jin Jong-hyeop was told that the Russian side is taking decisive steps to detain the persons who committed unlawful acts.

“We have demanded that the North Korean side take comprehensive measures with the aim to avoid such incidents in the future.”


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