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George Soros’ Playboy Son Hosts Obama, Holder, McAuliffe To Redistrict New York


The playboy son of liberal billionaire George Soros hosted a dinner Monday in New York for former President Barack Obama and other prominent Democratic politicians to benefit redistricting the state.

Alexander Soros, 34, is set to inherit $24 billion and spent the summer of 2016 hosting lavish parties for celebrity athletes and models at a $72 million Hamptons summer rental, Daily Mail previously reported. His father has been tied to numerous left-wing efforts such as proposing race-based policies for schools and fighting President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda.

The 34-year-old hosted a party of a different kind Monday to benefit the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, complete with three featured guests — former Attorney General Eric Holder, former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Obama. (RELATED: George Soros’ Son Has Been Day Drinking With Democratic Leadership)

Invitations to the event cited Holder, chairman of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, as the main organizer and noted at the bottom of the page that the dinner would be held at Alexander Soros’ New York City home, according to Politico. Holder sent a fundraising email Monday before the event started boasting about how his “people-powered movement” is meeting with grassroots supporters while the “opposition” is huddling with lobbyists.

“While our opposition is huddling with consultants, lobbyists, and lawyers on how to mount their next partisan gerrymandering campaign, you’ll find us mobilizing our grassroots volunteers and supporters so we can push for transparency during the redistricting process,” the email read.


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