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GITMO Update | Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners – Official Documents

By Medeea Greere


So before we get started, let us first understand that before Trump was POTUS GITMO (Guantánamo Bay Detention Camp) was a fraction of the size it now is. This can be clearly confirmed by the following visuals, identifying a significant amount of expansion for what is expected to be tens of thousands of new ex-elite prisoners. Well, those who are not executed via military tribunal at least. Even though Joe Biden campaigned to have GITMO shutdown.

Even though Joe Biden campaigned to have GITMO shutdown why has his military installed crisis actor double not followed through? Maybe because Donald J. Trump is still the rightful Commander-In-Chief (CIC) of the United States, throughout the Joe Biden shadow presidency?

The White Hat Military Alliance Is In Control!

As of July 13, 2019 The Washington Times confirmed that the House voted in favor of broadcasting Guantánamo Bay proceedings online. Shockingly, this was delivered by treasonous Representative Adam Schiff as an amendment to the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) as noted in the July 11, 2019 Congressional Record Daily Digest Vol. 165, No. 116 where he stated:

(No. 340) that authorizes military judges in any proceeding of a military commission at United States Naval Station, Guantánamo Bay, Cuba to order arrangements for remote public viewing of the proceedings via internet.


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