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Global Excess Mortality Rates — Where’s the Investigation?

By Rob Verkerk Ph.D.


Are scientists and the media deliberately overlooking COVID-19 vaccines as a possible factor in global excess mortality rates?

We have previously pointed to official data in 2021 that shows a temporal association between the apparent rises in “excess mortality” among different age groups and the time each was exposed to COVID-19 “genetic vaccines” (here and here).

These data were in plain sight in the public domain, being based on official data from the nearly 30 mainly European countries carried on the euroMOMO portal.

Now, a year on, it’s nigh on impossible to hide the fact that in many industrialized countries that went full swing into intense control measures, from lockdownsmasks, genetic surveillance and “genetic vaccines,” people are dying at unexpectedly high rates.

The jabs or boosters may be a factor — but so may a bunch of other things, such as not gaining timely and proper medical attention, psychosocial stress and deprivation, along with a gamut of other potential co-factors.



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