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God, cover me!

by Jared Dyson


Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings. — Psalm 17:8

Once my son was watching something on the television and he became scared. I was in a nearby room and I watched him as he took the blanket that he had and he covered himself with the blanket. He felt that the blanket would provide him a little protection from the fear that he was experiencing.

While we all probably laugh at the idea that a blanket can provide protection, the concept of being covered in the midst of the situation is not new. In fact, scripture references it here in Psalm 17 in the words “shadow of thy wings.” In nature, it’s common for birds to protect their young by putting them under their wings.

For the small birds to be under the wings, keeps them from potentially getting out of the nest. It keeps them close and warm. It prevents the bird from potentially being snatched and removed by a predator who is hungry and looking to devour them.

As David is praying here, he is asking God to protect him as a bird would its young. He is admitting vulnerability and that he needs protection. He realizes that the situations that he is facing could devour him. He needs the closeness and protection that only God can provide in his situation.



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