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GOP’s conservative base said to be slowing headlong rush into federal ‘red flag’ law allowing gun confiscations

(NationalSentinel) The Republican Party’s conservative base is pushing back hard against any congressional attempts to pass a federal “red flag” law that would empower — and reward — remaining states without such a statute to enact one following a series of mass shootings many feel new laws would not have prevented.

Following two mass shootings on the same day — one in El Paso and another in Dayton, Ohio — earlier this month, President Donald Trump signaled support for “enhanced” background checks and even a federal red flag law many believe would be unconstitutional because it deprives individuals of the property, guns, and due process.

Already on the books in 17 states and the District of Columbia, a red flag law empowers courts and police to confiscate a person’s firearms who is deemed a danger to themselves or others, without ever having committed a crime and without any court representation. After a period of time — months to a year — the person goes back to court and has to prove he or she is no longer a danger.

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