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Grandmother ‘panicking’ after hospital puts ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ on her

By Bob Unruh


‘She has no illnesses, she is not in end of life care, not sick or poorly’

A grandmother in the United Kingdom says she is “panicking” after she was hospitalized and officials at the medical institution assigned her a “Do Not Resuscitate” order without telling her.

The BBC said the woman, Marie McLean “will not be given CPR if her heart or breathing stops.”

McLean, from Lanarkshire, said she’s now living “in fear.’

She was hospitalized several weeks ago when she was found unresponsive. The report explained her daughter, Louise Gallacher, said, “The consultant took me into the family room and explained we have put her on a ventilator, if this doesn’t work we have also put a DNR in place, so we won’t be resuscitating her should she flatline.”





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