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Great Faith in the Midst of Darkness



It’s Sunday again and that means an update from our good friend Pastor Robb.

I like to bring you a great gospel message each Sunday and I’ve got another good one for you today.

From Pastor Robb:

Good and Happy Sunday to everyone on We Love Trump!

Today’s livestream message is titled, “Great Faith in the Midst of Darkness.”

We are facing terrible darkness in our world, country and in our US & local governments.

The lies and the deception of Satan is very Great in our present day.

But. God has made a way for us to overcome all darkness and deception.

Today’s message is very encouraging, and it will build you up in your faith.

I pray that this message today will bless and strengthen you.

God bless America and may God bless President Trump!

Pastor Robb Goodman
Sr. Pastor of Zion Freedom Fellowship USA 🇺🇸





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One Comment

  1. Duncan Adams Duncan Adams March 27, 2023

    Hey Noah … let me clue you in to something …. the premise you take is that Satan .. ( who I really think you are talking about is the ” devil ” they are different ) is at fault for all the ” lies ” Well he maybe committing some of them , man fills in the blank spots .. but OK he’s doing some of it .
    The reason it’s going on ? God . The devil serves at the pleasure of God … God’s in control . Right ? So all this sh________ that goes on God wants . Don’t know why . I’m not on his speed dial .
    I submit people at large don’t give God enough credit . For everything . Including the bad stuff that happens. What God does not do He ordains by permitting it .

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