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Green Beret J6 Political Prisoner: Obama Added ‘Unconventional Warfare’ To 2016 NDAA “Because you [The American People] are the guerilla force and . . .



U.S Army Green Beret Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown (Ret.) is a twenty year combat veteran who spent his entire career within the U.S Military’s elite special forces community who is currently incarcerated while facing January 6 related charges.

Master Sergeant Brown, in a recorded audio statement exclusively obtained by The American Report and The Intelligence Briefing with John B. Wells on the Salem Radio Network, that the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act signed by President Barack Hussein Obama includes a definition of “Unconventional Warfare.”

Master Sergeant Brown, who received extensive advanced training in unconventional warfare and who applied that training while deployed on missions around the world, emphasized the significance on the inclusion of “unconventional warfare” in the last and final NDAA bill signed by Obama. The law directs the U.S Department of Defense to counter unconventional warfare waged against the United States.

According to Brown, “you [The American People] are the guerilla force and the domestic terrorist they are fighting, and you must be destroyed and defeated.”

The American people are experiencing the opening salvos of “Red Terror”:

Red Terror in the Soviet Union, was a campaign of terror and executions directed by the Bolsheviks. The Russian secret police known as the Cheka, were used to carry out Red Terror.



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