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Green Beret launches attack on Pentagon ‘Pride Month’ celebration

By J.M. Phelps


‘It’s a religion to these people, but what they need is a moral theology’

Recently, in celebration of June being “Pride Month,” the Pentagon presented the 13th Annual LGBTQI+ Pride Ceremony. Hosted by the DOD Association of LGBTQI+ Service Members, Employees, and Allies, the “Pride event” featured several speakers, including Navy Rear Admiral Mike Brown, division director for Operations in the Information Environment.

Brown, described as “a long-time member of DOD pride,” began his talk (at 33:57), declaring “Happy Pride!” in an attempt to fire up the audience. In 2014, he talked publicly about his struggle “coming out” as a gay man who, at the time, had a wife and children. Since overcoming his “shame, guilt and self-loathing,” Brown now makes it a point to “make [himself] visible to sailors and civilians in the Navy.”

However, many service members are horrified by such spectacles, as well as by the movement behind them, holding that the imposition of so-called “diversity, equity and inclusion” and LGBT ideologies on the nation’s military promotes immorality, advances perverse priorities and seriously weakens and undermines America’s military readiness.

One of them is John Frankman, a former captain and U.S. Army Green Beret, who told WND the forces behind the LGBT and DEI ideology are “pushing a new set of moral standards and values on the military.” He fears that the acceptance and participation in Pride events by service members is “virtue signaling” and nothing more than “someone trying to get ahead in the military that’s moving in a very liberal direction.”

“It’s showing someone’s loyalty to the Democratic Party, attempting to control the direction that the federal government and other federal agencies are going,” said Frankman. “It’s a religion to these people, but what they need is a moral theology.”

Frankman considers it “sad and tragic that the values being portrayed are more about being whoever you think you can be in the military [with regard to sexuality] versus what is best for the military.” For example, Frankman regards transgenderism as “a detriment” to the military that infringes on the beliefs of non-LGBT service members…


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