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Guess What Will Happen in the Wee Hours of Election Day? The Moon Will Turn Red (Not a Joke)

By Bob Hoge


In a coincidence that’s almost too hard to get your head around, the moon will be eclipsed by the Earth and turn a deep, blood red in the early hours of Tuesday—the start of Election Day, when many are predicting a giant Red Wave.

Just to be clear, I’m not particularly prone to reading tea leaves, but it’s still kind of cool. Here’s something a little fun amidst all the serious races that will be decided tomorrow:

From iHeart:

The Election Day will get off to an ominous start on Tuesday thanks to the last total lunar eclipse for the next three years. The total lunar eclipse will get underway just after midnight Pacific time as the moon approaches the Earth’s shadow.

Over the next two hours, the moon will slowly dim until its totality at 2:16 a.m [PST]., when it reaches its darkest point. The moon will also appear to glow with a brownish-red color because the light from the sun will bend around the Earth’s atmosphere before hitting the moon. That is why it is called a Blood Moon eclipse. [Emphasis theirs.]

The moon will be eclipsed for approximately 90 minutes before it starts to move out of the Earth’s shadow, and will end around 3 a.m. PST.  You might want to get out of bed for it, because it will be the last one till March 14, 2025. (Although a penumbral eclipse will occur on May 6, 2023. A penumbral eclipse occurs when: “Earth’s outer shadow falls on the Moon’s face.” I know that because I have Google.)

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