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Guess Who Is One Shart Away From Mandatory Retirement?


President Finger-Diddle has been zipped to Camp David to spend the next seven days resting, rehearsing for the first debate, and shot-gunning whatever World Health Oraganizaion-sponsored, weird science cocktail they pour down President Corpus Delicti to keep him erect standing, which he will also have to rehearse.

As PJ Media’s own Bryan Jung wrote, the Daily Mail reported a potential secret squirrel-like mutiny in the Democrat Party looking to replace Biden with someone less likely to drop a crabcake into his Depends on national television, especially when Trump throws Hunter’s pesky laptop from heaven into Foggy Joe’s frozen face.

Word on the street is this debate is Biden’s do-or-retire moment.

I suspect if Biden can get through the one-hour “rumble or fumble” test the left will claim that the 81-year-old has enough gas in the tank to ride out the election.

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