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Hamas captivity horror stories are ‘sickening to read’. ‘They are clearly inhuman’

By What Finger News


Menzies Research Centre Nick Cater says the horror stories that emerge from Hamas captivity are “sickening to read”. A 12 and 16-year-old who were released by Hamas, have since recounted their time in captivity, where they were burnt by a motorcycle exhaust in order to mark their skin. “How could somebody do that to a child,” Mr Cater told Sky News host Rita Panahi. “These are the most horrendous war crimes you can imagine.


Hamas let Palestinian civilians attack a 12-year-old boy they held hostage. They then forced the boy to watch footage of the atrocities they committed – murders, beheadings – and threatened him with a gun whenever he cried.

“The data that we hear from Hamas is way, way exaggerated, the number of actually purely innocent civilians that have been killed are a tiny fraction.” Alan Dershowitz calls out those who are blaming Israel for civilian causalities in Gaza…


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