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Has a New “Xi’an City” COVID Variant with Ebola-like Symptoms Escaped China?

By Benjamin Harnwell


The CCP is little more than an international crime syndicate with political affectations. Knowing what is going on in China is dependent on sifting through their official lies, deflections, and ‘dezinformatsiya.’ The fact is, we just don’t know what unleashed monster they’re running from in Xi’an. All we know is that the CCP is lying about it.

Evidence indicates that China’s President Xi Jinping has been sitting on, and desperately trying to suppress, a new COVID variant since December 2021. Let’s consider this evidence.

The Xi’an lockdown

Xi’an City (population 13 million) was locked down on 23 December 2021, with authorities citing as justification two ostensibly unrelated outbreaks: one of COVID-19 originating with six persons infected with the Delta variant from a flight from Pakistan, and the second of an unspecified seasonal haemorrhagic fever.

Xi’an is a city three times larger than Los Angeles, responsible for 40% of Samsung’s global microchip output.


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