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Has America fallen asleep at the 9/11 wheel? by Chuck Norris

In 2001, we pledged to our country and the world that we would “never forget” 9/11. But don’t we risk that remembrance 20 years later when our culture fears offending anyone and appeases everyone, including extremists?

President Trump has done a good job as commander in chief in rebuilding the U.S. military and leading the fight against ISIS and Al Qaeda. His pro-Israel leadership against terrorist-sponsoring Islamic States like Iran or strongholds in Syria has given us a stronger stance in the world. We are safer today in the U.S. than we have been in years.

However, when a Democrat Congress enables Islamic extremism by fearing to use terms like jihadism and even funding those who fund jihadists, isn’t Washington sidestepping our commitment of remembrance in addition to their duty to protect our land and liberties? Indeed, some liberal U.S. representatives even mock those who gave their lives on 9/11 as if they did something to deserve it.

I believe that in America we must support everyone’s choice of religion – or no religion at all. That’s what the First Amendment is all about. However, in defending our country, we must remain strong and vigilant against Islamic extremism, lest we return to a pre-911 era heads-end-in-the-sand mentality when we dropped our guards and became sitting ducks.

The U.S. might have severed a massive blow against ISIS, but it’s not dead. In fact, it’s regaining strength in Iraq and Syria.

Extremism against America is alive and well, but it’s simply not reported very often anymore by mainstream media.

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