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Has Joe Biden Become Possessed, Or Is He Just High as a Kite?



In watching Biden’s speech the other day, I was disgusted by his words, attitudes, lies, anger, and abandonment of Israel. I usually listen to him without actually watching his speeches, but seeing him this time made me do a little research about his eyes…

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and Biden’s pupils were so dilated that his eyes were solid black while he was reinterpreting the words of the special prosecutor. Looking at previous speeches, it seems that all of his “big” speeches have the same image: significantly dilated pupils.  Since I don’t actually believe that he is the anti-Christ, I started doing some research about what that could mean. I am not a doctor, but there are enough studies easily available that it isn’t hard to integrate the data with the images of Biden’s eyes when he speaks.

We all recognize Biden demonstrates the behavior of a man who is suffering with the fifth level of dementia: moderately severe cognitive decline. Some of the symptoms of this stage (there are 7 stages) include: inability to recall names; challenges with organization; verbal repetition; mood swings; denial of symptoms; wandering; aggression; and pronounced memory loss of familiar people, events, and personal details. All of these symptoms were clearly visible during his Thursday night speech.

But much of the media that supports him claim that those of us who believe he has this terribly sad disease of dementia are only looking at his words and actions through a filter that already despises the man, and maybe they are accurate. But his physiological symptoms, which are undeniable, demonstrate a similar conclusion.

In looking at Biden’s eyes, his pupils are severely dilated. While he still has crystal blue eyes much of the time in candid photos, the pupils are so dilated in his speeches that they look black. Discounting the idea of him being possessed by a demon, there are only a few things that could cause that physiological reaction, the simplest being a reaction to a dark room. Given the bright lights, this is obviously not the cause. LSD, heroin, and cocaine also can cause dilated pupils, but again it is probably a safe assumption that Biden is not dropping acid prior to speaking publicly.

The other causes are related to dementia, and specifically to Alzheimer’s.  The National Institute of Health has identified that pupil dilation while under cognitive stress is a marker for Alzheimer’s.  Additionally, the most common drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s also create dilation of the pupils, whether they are anti-psychotics or other typical medications such as Rivastigmine.

Simply put, the significant dilation of Biden’s pupils during intense speaking are a definitive sign that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s and/or he is taking medication for Alzheimer’s.  Another side effect of the drugs is blurry vision, which would also explain his random wandering and not knowing where to go, as well as his tripping over large items or while walking up stairs…


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