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Healthy man insists he is ‘disabled woman’

Bob Unruh
By Bob Unruh

There’s an old saying, unknown origin, that connects what people think and reality. It goes: “I can walk into a garage and call myself a Chevy, but that doesn’t make me one.”

That truism, it appears, now is being openly challenged … by a man from Norway, a healthy man, who insists he is a “disabled woman.”

Under the transgender agenda, promoted these days by no less than Joe Biden, men routinely are given credence when they call themselves a woman, or vice versa, but the case of Jorund Alme seems to take it a step further.

It is the Christian Institute that reports, “Jørund Alme told Good Morning Norway (GMN) that he always wished he had been born a woman who was paralyzed from the waist down. He uses a wheelchair ‘almost all the time’ even though his legs are completely healthy.”…

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