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Here Are The 14 States Moving To Prohibit Sexually Explicit Drag Shows For Minors


After Tennessee became the first state to prohibit drag shows in places where children may be present, several red states are pushing for similar legislation.

States including Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas are focused on passing legislation that would restrict or outlaw sexually explicit drag shows in the presence of minors. The legislation gaining momentum through 14 states is a part of a broader battle throughout the country over exposing children to gender identity and sexually explicit concepts that may not be age-appropriate.

“We frequently hear stories of children being exposed to inappropriate and explicit material in the classroom or during school-sponsored field trips, oftentimes without parental consent or notification,” Jessica Anderson, Heritage Action executive director, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Just as state legislatures have worked to protect children from harmful cross-sex hormones or experimental surgeries, they are also tackling the broader problem of activist educators and administrators attempting to influence young children and push the Left’s radical gender ideology.

In March, Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a “first-of-its-kind” bill into law which took aim at drag shows, banning “adult cabaret entertainment” in places, such as schools and libraries, where children may be present. Similarly, Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders signed a piece of legislation that prohibits minors from viewing “adult-oriented shows” that feature performers who are nude or “seminude,” showing genitalia or breasts, and demonstrating “sexual activity.”

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