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Here’s a great visual depiction of the public’s faith in Pete Buttigieg during transportation crises

By Sarah D

We’re not sure it’s ever a great day wake up and be Pete Buttigieg, but today seems like a particularly bad one.

Like, not only was there that whole FAA computer outage thing that ultimately resulted in all domestic flights being grounded — not the first air-travel-related crisis in recent weeks — but a bunch of Amtrak passengers were stranded on a train overnight in the middle of nowhere, having to be reassured repeatedly by the voice on the PA system that they were not in some kind of hostage situation.

Inquiring minds understandably wanted to know how stuff like this could happen under the watchful eye of America’s First LGBTQ Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg (he/him). In fact, there were evidently so many inquiring minds that wanted to know how it could happen, it caused instances of one particular Google search to rise quite substantially (unlike all the planes that were grounded).

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