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Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber At Houston Taco Joint Ordered To Face Grand Jury By Soros-Funded DA



Authored by Chris Menahan via Information Liberation,

The hero customer who shot and killed an armed robber at a Houston taco joint last week has been ordered to face a grand jury by District Attorney Kim Ogg, the Soros-funded prosecutor who appears to have let the career criminal he put down out on bond.

From KTRK, “Grand jury will decide fate of ‘hero’ customer who shot and killed robber at taqueria, HPD says”:

A grand jury will decide whether an armed taqueria customer, who shot and killed a robber last week in southwest Houston and is now being hailed a hero, will be criminally charged.

Investigators said the 46-year-old customer, who police have not identified because he’s not under arrest, turned himself in and is cooperating with detectives.

Fortunately, our hero hired an attorney to defend himself and exercised his right to remain silent.





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  1. Duncan Adams Duncan Adams January 11, 2023

    What have I been saying .. what have I been saying .. well maybe not here but on other forums and I take a lot of heat for being ” a coward ” OK then I am . ( Yeah having Morris Dees and the FBI looking at you while in the militia movement that don’t count here . ) In this kind of thing.. don’t get involved UNLESS some one is at peril that you are willing to go to jail , get shot and permanently crippled or sued into poverty for. If that person ain’t there. You let them die or get raped and you walk away or watch . Remember there is a hidden Commandment in the Bible . ” No good deed goes unpunished . ”
    Let the cops do it . You get involved and they show up . Cops have shot the good guys before. They want to spend that pension and to do that they have to go home at night . Also if they get shot they have medical insurance . Do you ?

    • Duncan Adams Duncan Adams January 11, 2023

      OH I forgot to work this into the statement … that intervention .. that goes for kids in a school too. What get’s added on to that is that in most States only the experts , the annotated , you know the government workers that stand around and listen to people being shot , the cops . Are allowed to have guns on the grounds . You are not and YOU can go to jail if you go there with one . Even if you save some kids. I say the government does not want your help . Then don’t . Let them die…. screaming ….

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