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Heroes: 106 Republicans Vote to Defund Vice President Kamala Harris’ Office

 by Richard Bledsoe


Politicians enjoy many perks most working people do not.

For example, a politician can’t just be fired from an elected office. No matter how poorly elected officials perform their duties, they either have to be voted out in the next election or impeached, if that is an option for the position, they are in.

But what if there were another way to hold failing politicians accountable, by hitting them in the wallets? That is what 106 House Republicans attempted Wednesday when they voted to strip the funding from the office of supremely incompetent Vice President Kamala Harris.

The amendment did not pass. But the fact it was even brought up reflected a change in attitudes in Congress since Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson became speaker of the House.

Georgia Republican Rep. Mike Collins announced his amendment on X.

“I’m sure you’ll be shocked, but I just had to debate a Republican on the House floor who was defending funding the Office of the Vice President. I argued Kamala Harris sucks at securing our border and, therefore, shouldn’t be paid. If my amendment passes, her office will be defunded,” Collins wrote…


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