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Hong Kong protests: defiant university students, school pupils and residents go on strike, piling pressure on government to meet demands

  • Action held as police announced that 1,117 people had been arrested since anti-government protests erupted in June
  • Protesters had threatened to paralyse the railway network as part of ‘non-cooperative’ movement, but were deterred by police patrolling stations.                                                                                                 Defiant university students, school pupils and Hongkongers from all walks of life went on a citywide strike on Monday, giving the embattled government an ultimatum to meet their demands or face escalated protest action.
    On the first day of the new school year, students across the city skipped classes to attend rallies, ignoring top officials’ warnings and piling pressure on the government to meet the five key demands that protesters have been pushing for over 13 weeks of mass demonstrations.


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