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Hong Kong Reveals True Allegiance Of The Far Left

Leftists hate the American flag and guns for the same reason that patriots love them.

For months, up to two million peaceful democracy activists – one-quarter of the population – have protested the local government of Hong Kong for its increasing submission to mainland Communist China that infringes on the freedoms established under British rule. Although the protesters are rarely reported on in Western media and are soundly smeared by the Chinese government as terrorists and troublemakers, they are mostly nonviolent freedom fighters who have chosen the American flag as their symbol of liberty.

In the US, the progressive left views the very same flag as a symbol of hate. Universities all over America teach students that it is evil. For instance, after the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, Hampshire College removed the US flag on campus, calling it “a disruptive symbol.”

t might be tempting to believe that those who hate the American flag are just misinformed and didn’t get the memo about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Tempting but wrong. The protesters in Hong Kong wave the American flag for the same reason that the radical left wants to burn it to the ground: It represents liberty.  READ MORE…


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