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House Resolution Slams Biden’s $6 Billion Iran Prisoner Swap

By Adam Kredo


House Republicans on Thursday filed a resolution expressing disapproval of the Biden administration’s $6 billion ransom deal with Iran amid reports of ongoing diplomacy between Washington and Tehran, in what congressional sources described as an opening salvo in the Republican-controlled chamber’s efforts to block the White House from freeing up more funds for Tehran.

The resolution condemns a range of recent diplomatic gambits that the Biden administration either hid from Congress or only admitted to lawmakers after significant pressure and delays, according to a copy that was exclusively obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The resolution’s language provides a roadmap for Republican leaders to stymie the Biden administration’s diplomacy with Tehran, particularly amid speculation the United States could free up another $3 billion in Iranian funds frozen in Japan.

The measure asks President Joe Biden to submit all deals inked with Iran to Congress, as required under the 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which was crafted to give lawmakers a veto over any future deals with Tehran. The Biden administration’s hostage deal, reached earlier this month, was crafted without congressional scrutiny. In the lead-up to the hostage deal and the weeks since it was implemented, the Biden administration has kept Congress in the dark, a tactic that critics charge is both illegal and designed to hide the scope of American concessions to the Iranian regime…


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