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How Exactly Does Biden Plan to Enforce His Tyrannical Vaccine BS?

By Matt Vespa

What’s odd about this debate is that it’s not new. It’s nothing new at all, really. Vaccinations have always been a touchy subject. It’s Big Government. It’s history. It leeches into parenting. It’s a toxic cocktail, one where things can go off the hinges quickly. And it has here. After promising not to issue a nationwide vaccine mandate, Joe Biden put on his crown and issued that all private businesses of 100 or more employees must have a COVID vaccine mandate. New York City did a test balloon regarding the COVID passport protocols on certain public spaces. You must show an ID and your vaccination card. Also, all city employees must be vaccinated, with no exceptions. OSHA is now Biden’s medical SS.

This agency was never meant to be an infectious diseases enforcement arm. OSHA can’t even do its job right now, which is ensuring workplace safety. What tickles me even more is how all these so-called medical experts are stunned that support for vaccinations increased only slightly after the FDA approved it. That wasn’t the issue. Scores of Americans still have lingering questions about the vaccine that the Biden administration has not answered. They opted to bribe people with $100 instead.

“Shut up, get your shot, and here’s your money,” was the line. Yeah, unsurprisingly, it didn’t work. In the meantime, the experts have done more to undercut their pro-vaccine narrative daily. Get the shot, but don’t go anywhere. Also, get your shot to protect yourself…from the unvaccinated. That makes no sense. It’s ass-backward. The vaccinated are already protected. Protecting the vaccinated is a narrative that rings of science fiction. Maybe that’s because it is — and these liberal clowns wonder why people are on the fence. The messaging, which is already garbage, change endlessly. It’s contradictory. It’s a ball of confusion.



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  1. Vtxtreme Vtxtreme September 15, 2021

    Something that’s been glossed over, if you lose your job fit lack of jab you won’t be able to draw unemployment. It’s a lot like twisting the knife

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