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How many of the 91% Doomsayers Believe America will Exist in 2024?

by Dr. Steve LaTulippe


For all the conservative analytical commentary we digest every day, you’d think we would come to a logical conclusion of what must be done to restore a bygone godly country to law and order, justice and peace, as well as the freedom we once knew. But that isn’t happening. We continue to complain and expose how the Biden cartel is shredding every aspect of America’s greatness, and then we sit down to an expensive meal to nourish our brains so we can whine and complain some more. Has anyone noticed our strategy isn’t working so well?

I know, when we get really fed up, we call our opponents crazy. That might assuage us a little. But it accomplishes not a darn thing! Aren’t we missing something? Are we naive? Or are we just cowards? If we were only half as committed to saving America as Commie-Dems are to killing it, we would win this war and recapture the rule of our land, the Constitution. It’s not happening.

As I sit here sipping cold black coffee during my daily depression-therapy session of surfing the latest news, I just shake my head and… get more depressed, while our enemies gloat. Biden’s Twitter scribe put the icing on his noisome cake: “We lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives than any Democratic president’s first midterm election in at least 40 years. And we had the best midterms for Governors since 1986. The American people spoke.” In other words, the Democrats are beyond happy about this election outcome. Crime pays in America.



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