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How the special operation solved the problems of equipping our T-72B3 with dynamic protection

By Topwar

Any military conflict, especially a high-intensity one, is first of all an experience. Moreover, experience both for the military, honing their combat skills and acquiring new ones, and for those involved in the development and production of armored vehicles. In this regard, a special military operation was no exception: tactics are changing, and, importantly, the vehicles that have to go into battle.

There is no secret that Tanks when operating in combat conditions, some problems are found that were not initially taken into account by the designers. Some need to be addressed in the future, very desirable in the near future. Others are corrected directly during production. An example of such urgent measures was the security of the workhorse of the Russian troops – the T-72B3 tank, which at first was distinguished by a not very successful installation of dynamic protection.

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