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How the United States Supported White Genocide in Southern Africa

The Problem Elon Called Out is an Old One, and the US is Culpable


“Kill the Boer” and Elon’s Brave Stand

A Note to Our Readers: Thanks to Elon Musk’s comments on the issue, the topic of white genocide in South Africa has risen to the fore of the culture war. Because of the importance of that issue, one the MSM refuses to cover honestly, we’re interrupting the next article in the Epstein series to release this special report on US culpability in southern Africa’s white genocide problem.

Thanks largely to the positive press regarding the 2010 World Cup and propaganda surrounding former South African leader Nelson Mandela, many in the West view South Africa as the “Rainbow Nation.” According to that unfounded but general impression, post-apartheid South Africa is where racism died, and now the nation’s various tribes and ethnic groups – Zulus, Boers, Indians, and Anglos – get along and are together building a bright and diverse future. That’s a lie. The truth is that South Africa is anything but a beautiful nation of successful and peaceful diversity. Rather, it’s a nation at war with itself, as recent videos of the EFF chanting “kill the Boer,”1 Elon’s comments about the video,2 and attempts to defend it3 show.

The truth is that South Africa is a land where affirmative action on steroids has impoverished the country. It has turned the white lower class into denizens of slums more horrific than any that existed under apartheid4 while the nation’s remaining white farmers are murdered with impunity by thugs. What was once the continent’s dominant economy is now a center of injustice, genocide, and human suffering.

This article will discuss the culpability of American foreign policy as to what is now happening in South Africa and how that same foreign policy began the process of white genocide in Rhodesia.


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