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How To Verify The Vaxxed: Charlotte Black Light Street Lights

By Lee Austin

August 20, 2021

In the video below – a Charlotte TV station is reporting that thousands of defective purple street lights have been installed in the metro Charlotte area. First of all the so called purple street lights are in fact black lights.

Now it’s beginning to make sense. For the last few months I’ve been trying to figure out how the Luciferian elite will separate the compliant vaxxed sheep from non-compliant outcasts. Of course, the Luciferase contained within the injection, will confirm the individual has received the jab. So what is Luciferase?

Luciferase is an enzyme that produces a light, and is ironically named after The Light Bearer, Lucifer Morning Star. Lucierase is injected under the skin, but cannot be seen by the human eye. However, when scanned with a smart phone app Luciferase will give a digital code to confirm you’ve been vaccinated. Luciferase will hold your patent vaccination record and validates your unique ID. At this point you become a patented product owned by the corporation that owns that patent.


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  1. Duncan Adams Duncan Adams October 20, 2021

    sorry no go on this on .. they went all the way around the world on about 8 different tangents …. stick to the topic and give data to form a compelling answer

  2. grannie annie grannie annie October 21, 2021

    Lucifer is not the
    Morning Star Jesus is.. this is an NIV lie.
    AKJB Rev 22:16 I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

    One reason why you need a solid foundation of the word of God n why the AKJB is trashed… to hid truth.

    • Lisa Dubrin Lisa Dubrin October 23, 2021

      I think you missed the point of the article.

  3. grannie annie grannie annie October 21, 2021

    Isaiah 14:12
    How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations

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