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How “Wokeism” Has Erupted Like Projectile Vomit and Splattered Over The Land of Normalcy


By guest columnist Patrice Johnson

January is almost a wrap, but something is in the wind. Take the University of North Carolina. On Jan. 26, the Wall Street Journal reported that UNC’s board of trustees wrapped up the month with a 12-0 vote “to create a new school committed to free expression in higher education.” Midway through January, Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled Florida’s version of the “Hillsdale of the South.” About a week earlier, on Jan. 6, Stanford University eliminated its harmful language list in response to “mockery, ridicule, and widespread internal and external criticism.”

What is going on?

In a word: Antiestablishmentarianism (antiestablishment + arian). The term, coined in the ‘60s hippie counterculture, refers to the predictable, if uncomfortable, phenomenon of young people rebelling against society’s norms and expectations.

Incredible as it may sound, progressive politics has dominated elite universities since woke was but past tense for wake. As Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute wrote in Recapturing Higher Education…





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