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Huntington Beach’s Corner Market Continually Penalized by Code Enforcement

By Drew Van Voorhis

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.—A local Huntington Beach eatery claimed that it’s been unfairly harassed by the city’s code enforcement for over five years, for which a petition has been created online last month and is now supported by almost 4,000 people.

HB Corner Market, located on the corner of 11th Street and Acacia Avenue, has been “plagued with multiple code enforcement citations that are egregious and debilitating,” according to a petition with close to 4,000 signatures to get the city to stop the citations.

In late October, the restaurant was fined $3,000 for having bistro tables in the easement area in front of the building, though they had been operating this way for three years. After the owner removed the tables and spoke at a community development meeting, the restaurant was still fined, according to the restaurant’s Facebook page


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