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Hurricane Beryl tracker: Will the storm impact Texas? Here’s what the latest models say

By Mariel Ruiz


DALLAS — Hurricane Beryl is already making history. 

Here are the records so far:

  • Earliest Category 5 hurricane in a calendar year (on record)
  • Strongest hurricane in June in the Atlantic Basin (on record)
  • Strongest hurricane in July in the Atlantic Basin (on record)
  • The first major hurricane east of the Antilles in June
  • Tropical storm to a major hurricane in 42 hrs. (has only happened 6 other times)

So where does the storm go from here? And will it have any impacts on Texas as it enters the Gulf of Mexico? Here’s the latest forecast and radar:

Hurricane Beryl live radar and tracker

Current status

As of 10pm Friday, Thursday, Beryl is a tropical storm. The center of the storm made landfall Friday morning just northeast of Tulum. Beryl will strengthen back to hurricane status as it enters the Gulf of Mexico and moves toward the Texas coast.

Hurricane watches have been issued for much of the TX coast.

Credit: WFAA
Credit: WFAA

It first made landfall on Carriacou Island (Grenada) Monday morning as a Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph wind.

While the storm tracked very close to Jamaica, the center of the storm did not cross over the island, so it technically did not make landfall in Jamaica.

Will Hurricane Beryl hit Texas? If so, when?

The current forecast track then has it moving into the southwestern Gulf as a Tropical Storm, but strengthening to a Category 1 hurricane over the weekend. As of now, the forecast shows landfall in South Texas Sunday night into Monday…


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