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I am combing through all the Epstein files. You asked for it. Here it is. PART 2 – The next 300+ page breakdown.

Well, I didn’t get much sleep and posting this goes against the recommendation of my doctor, but I finished it and just in time for Friday morning.

First, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who upvoted, shared this and gave me an award. You guys really motivated me to keep reading this stuff and broke my reddit with all the messages. Last night we reached 17th on the front page. I almost died when I saw that (not by two shots to the back of the head either just shock). So many people must have seen it and that is my biggest hope for this work. The more eyes the better.

Second, for all of you asking, no I do not intend to kill myself by shooting myself in the back of the head twice, strangling myself in a way more common with murder then suicide , or any other way to be clear? I am a little exhausted, grossed out, stopped following a few people, broke my reddit, but not my neck thankfully in a mysterious fall, but other then that I am great.

Third, there is one section of pages, 34-90, exhibit E through K, that you might want to skip over, if you are trying to save time. I feel this section is important because it shows the lengths Maxwell would go try to discredit Giuffre, even though in the first dump it appears the lawyers for Giuffre argued that very little of this was used in the defenses case in their motion to dismiss, and what is going on in the underlining proceedings involved in with the documents. Lawyers will probably enjoy this the most and go read those sources directly, otherwise you can skip that content if you want. Personally, I would still read it. There are some names you might want.

Since many of you also keep asking, yes you can share this content. Do what ever you want with it. Copy and paste, save it, put it on your own blogs, use it for your own research, make a video out of it, make fun of it. Anything is approved. Censorship is a issue we all have to help to overcome. The only thing I ask is if you share it please try to link back the original reddit page so people can upvote it. I don’t mind if you are looking for karma or views but the more upvotes on a single post the more we get boosted to the front page and the more eyes that will see it. If you do not want to lose it, you can bookmark it by clicking the little flag on the top right.


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