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I asked a WEF panel about its anti-human “overpopulation” narrative – no one on the panel renounced it

By Jacob Rosenberg

This past week I visited Davos, Switzerland, where many of the global elite gather every year to coordinate the transformation of the lives of ordinary people around the world – most of whom are wholly unaware of this group’s existence. For 20 years now, the World Economic Forum has hosted what they call an “Open Forum,” in addition to the invitation-only Annual Meetings which began in 1971. At the Open Forum, anyone is allowed to sign up, and the audience is able to participate by asking questions – though rarely is any opposition to the WEF’s ideological aims expressed. A few days ago, I was able to express such opposition.

One of the darkest aspects of the ideology of the WEF is its long-time focus on “overpopulation.” Many at the WEF believe that there are too many people on the planet, and that population growth must be curbed or reversed. According to those who espouse this view, “overpopulation” is a significant cause of climate change, due to the amount of carbon emissions caused by each human being—the less people on the planet, then, the less carbon emissions, and the more progress towards a “sustainable,” net-zero carbon emissions future. It was regarding this anti-human ideology that I posed a question to the WEF panel during a session titled “Nature Heals,” which you can view below:

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