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IBM Creates AI-Quantum Link – ‘A Revolution In Computing Power’

By Jacob M. Thompson

This integration, pioneered by IBM, is known as the AI-Quantum Link. It promises to revolutionize how we approach complex problems by harnessing the strengths of both technologies.

Computing giant IBM recently revealed what they are calling the AI-Quantum Link, the first of its kind merger between artificial intelligence and quantum computing to accelerate even faster than they have already been getting.

Forbes highlighted this important innovation in a post saying,

‘IBM is considered the leader in the quantum computing segment with continued advancements in hardware, software, and systems technologies, and with development quantum computers already deployed around the world. IBM is also a leader in AI technology through its watsonx platform, which has logged many advances beginning with its Jeopardy game show win in 2011.’

‘Since then, watsonx has evolved to a scalable enterprise platform with the AI studio, data, governance, and assistant solutions. Now IBM is bringing the two technologies together to enhance quantum computing and accelerate its adoption,’ the paper added.

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