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Ibram X. Kendi (and other leftists) get self-defense wrong in the Ajike S. Owens case

 by Aaron Walker


Get ready folks, because we are pretty sure leftists are trying to stir up another Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman situation over a criminal case down in Florida—driven, we suspect, by presidential politics because of course. Here’s how Ibram X. Kendi framed it:

And the Washington Post story he links to explains in more detail:

The neighbor had reportedly thrown roller skates at the children Friday, after which their mother knocked on the neighbor’s door to confront her about ‘harming the children,’ according to a police report. The neighbor allegedly fired a gun from behind the door, hitting the mother.

Officials identified the victim as Ajike S. Owens, 35, also known as ‘AJ.’ They said the suspect is a 58-year-old White woman, whom they did not identify…



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