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ICE Non-Detained Docket on Pace to Hit 8 million Active Cases This Year

By  Sundance 


This is a remarkable statistic on illegal immigration that Bill Melugin is drawing attention to.

“NEW: Per multiple federal sources, ICE’s non-detained docket has exploded to 7.4 million cases, more than doubling the Trump years, and it’s on pace to hit 8 million by end of year. Each ICE officer now has to manage an average of 7,000 cases each, an impossible task given the agency’s current staffing levels. ICE currently only has roughly 6,000 deportation officers nationwide, and not all of them work on the non-detained docket.”

“The non-detained docket means not in ICE detention. It is made up of migrants who have crossed the border illegally and have been released into the U.S. with pending immigration cases/future court dates, as well as illegal immigrants who have already been ordered deported by an immigration judge but are still in the country.

The non-detained docket has added more than 1 million cases since October 1st, largely due to mass catch and release policies.

Importantly, these numbers do not include the nearly 1.9 million recorded getaways that have entered the US during the Biden administration, as they have had no contact with DHS – yet overstretched ICE officers are also responsible for tracking down and removing this population as well.

ICE sources tell FOX it is simply impossible to do with current staffing levels compared to the numbers that have been coming across the border in recent years, and they are in desperate need of additional manpower and resources. (link)

President Trump has said the solution within the deportation program is to utilize local and state law enforcement to locate the illegal aliens, allowing ICE and DHS officials to focus on the deportation process.  This approach seems to be the optimal solution given the scale of the problem that Biden has created…


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